Welcome! i'm alex.


I'm currently a product designer at Tango, crafting beautiful and efficient products that are natural and delightful to use. I am focused on ensuring that users get the best research-informed designs that are reliable, useful, and a enjoyable to use. 

When I'm not designing products, you can find me at the archery range honing my focus, playing the latest video games, or enjoying a hike near some sort of water with a bunch of friends. 

Feel free to send me a message to connect! I'd love to hear about your thoughts on design or where you can find some awesome food in SF.

Alex did a fantastic job for us during our 2 month project. He and his team were extremely professional, hard working and the results were a showcase of their rigorous approach and talent.

Alex did a great job of leading physician interviews and running usability tests. He was a key contributor to style guide that was provided as a bonus for our project. I have no hesitation in recommending Alex and hope to keep in touch as we grow as a company!
— Francis Wong (Outcomes.com)

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