Project: is a SaaS platform that collects long-term patient-reported outcomes data and uses real-time processing to enable more informed, data-driven and patient-centered care.


The goal of was to develop a usable at-a-glance interface for the Patient List and the View Analytics pages. 

My Role:

For this project my role was to create a UI based on a full-cycle design process; from creating a persona, usability testing, design stories, task flows, wireframes, and a hi-fi clickable prototype. 



We began the discovery process by conducting contextual interviews of doctors and medical professionals on the comprehension of the current interface. We then synthesized the feedback from the doctors to assist in outlining features that would provide the most value to them while still ensuring the success of business objectives.

User Stories:

For this initial set of user stories, we used the Jobs to be Done framework to develop key features based on doctor feedback.

Design Work:

For the design work, the team used a condensed version of the Google Ventures design sprint to flush out features into wireframes, then moving on to develop them in Sketch to a medium-fidelity prototype. We then iterated the prototype based on the validations from doctors and translated that into a high-fidelity red-lined version for the client.