Identify painpoints when users are using LinkedIn mobile


  • What: LinkedIn Mobile on iOS and Android 
  • Who: Existing LinkedIn Users in San Francisco
  • Where: Coffee Shop in Civic Center


Tasks were phrased as open ended scenarios in order to garner better insights.

  1. Adding a new connection
  2. Publishing a post to news feed
  3. Inviting connections to groups

Key Findings:

  • ISSUE 1: Connection search results were unclear to the user 
"I'm pretty sure I did this right, but they aren't here." - User 2

Adding a connection seemed to be a straight forward task, however major doubt was cast when the inputted name did not show up or didn't produce relevant results.

  • ISSUE 2: Users found it hard to navigate through the app
"It seems like there are so many of the same things..." - User 5

The amount of information to digest in the navigation menu was overwhelming which lead to rampant and undirected tapping to search for other information

  • ISSUE 3: Users could not distinguish where posted updates would appear 
"I need ANOTHER app for this?" - User 1

Users seemed surprised that the News option on the navigation took you to a landing page to download LinkedIn's Pulse app, instead of bringing up another new feed.

Design Suggestions:



Doing guerilla testing provided some invaluable insight to users goals, needs, and mental models. In turn, this helped me design a better data-driven approach to build better experiences for the users.

I am not an employee of LinkedIn nor am I in anyway affiliated with the company. I am a big fan of the app so I wanted it to be more efficient and it was a pleasure exploring ways that I think LinkedIn mobile could be improved.