The overarching goal was to increase Condor's brand reputation by overhauling customer touchpoints in phases: website, packaging, media, and product line.


Condor needed a new brand identity to support their new product ecosystems. They wanted an update based on their existing systems and implementable with their upcoming technological expansion.

My Role:

As media director, I worked with the design team to establish the foundation of the Condor design language. I worked with contractors to help build systems to grow Condor's online presence to better serve our retail outlets.



Initially, I worked with the account executives to interview multiple tiers of clients to gather data. I then worked with the stakeholders, product managers, and the design team to synthesize the data to identify their pain points. We took these pain points and sorted them into the four higher level categories: web, packaging, media, and product. 

This allowed us to set project goals to work on the verticals that provided the most impact for the least amount of effort. 

Design Work:

A/B Testing

Style guide

Rapid Prototyping