Project: Outpost is a side project I made after talking about and using Blizzard's store. The main purpose of this app is to drive engagement and retention for all Blizzard properties.

Challenge: does not have a responsive experience (aside from the store) and on mobile. Content is not presented in a legible and enjoying manner, inconsistent with Blizzard's experience.

My Role:

As a personal project, I mainly created this as a piece to practice and validate skills. I tested the prototype on a variety of gamers at Showdown.GG at the Folsom Foundry in San Francisco, CA to validate the usefulness and likeliness of building a Blizzard product.



I began the discovery process by translating the existing layout and information architecture of the Store and incorporating key elements of After the translation, I asked gamers from a variety of skill backgrounds to see what they found useful. The feedback I collected was used to iterate the features that I translated over that would provide the most value to users.

User Stories:

Features were outlined then modified into user stories. These user stories provided an easy way for me to understand what each feature was defined to do. All user stories were prioritized for the sprint log in order of most desired feature.

Design Work:

I first sketched out the wireframes of all the potential screens, then translated them into higher fidelity renders in Sketch, then made the prototype clickable via Marvelapp.