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Portfolio v3.0

Version 1.0 was my sandbox

Version 2.0 let me practice HTML/CSS and minimalism and color balance.

Version 3.0 let me combine my skills to see how fast I could deploy

As a designer, making your portfolio is always the hardest part because you know every little detail of the things that are wrong and want to make it good enough that the glory outshines the debris.


So this time, I used the UCD approach and got a ton of my friends involved in the design process. So I'd like to thank Simran, Lida, Faisal, Mischelle, Francesca, Liana, Chris, and Ron for helping me push this out from scratch in my shortened time frame, while my laptop was dead in the shop & after it came back from the dead.

10/29 (Hours 1-7)

  • Computer Still Dead!
  • Planning
  • Wireframes
  • Information Architecture

10/30 (Hours 7-22)

  • Computer Returns!
  • Data Backup!
  • Content Creation
  • Crying about Squarespace
  • More Content Creation

10/31 (Hours 25-43)

  • Layout
  • Testing for Readability/Scannability
  • Polish
  • Rest!

Lessons Learned

  • Growth people have a serious knack for essential copy.
  • Architects know good layouts when they see it.
  • Product designers can smell bullsh*t when they see it.
  • Impostor syndrome still hasn't gone away.
  • Iterate.
  • Iterate.
  • Iterate.

Halloween is worth missing for all of this.