Every Friday at Tradecraft. we pull a topic out of a jar and then we have one (1) hour to quickly create one/some user interface screens! The main goal for this exercise to not only to practice thinking on our feet and coming up with quick interaction ideas, but we also get to flex our visual design muscles!


Design a grocery price comparison that uses the UPC


Barcode Scanners, Google Now, Yelp, Amazon


25 UPC Scanner for Grocery comparison.png

Lessons Learned: 

This is actually one of the harder challenges, you're cramming a lot of info from many sources into a neat little package. THIS IS WHY THERE ARE STYLE GUIDES and why Apple has made their iOS Human Interface Guidelines. I made a note to study this since I don't own an iPhone. Also, I'm not sure how UPC Bar codes work system-wise, so I wasn't too sure on how to approach the data display part for the price comparison. I ended up using the human as the compare tool since the labeling was poor, which defeats the point of the app. I could have corrected this by displaying the items in a chart instead of profile cards. 

tl;dr: learn Apple's iOS HIG, don't get hooked on one idea, remember the bigger challenge!