condor outdoor rebranding


Condor Outdoor Products is a manufacturer of tactical goods for the armed forces, law enforcement, and strategic training.


The overarching goal was to increase Condor's brand reputation by overhauling customer touch points. 

*Non-marketing projects listed are under NDA, but my be discussed in-person.


As media director, I worked with the design team to establish the foundation of the Condor design language. I worked with multiple departments and teams to help build systems that grew Condor's online presence to better serve retailers.


I worked with the account executives to gather data about our clients and end-users. I then worked with the leadership, department leads, and designers to identify pain points and our weaknesses. We then categorized these pain points and weaknesses by impact and value to prioritize what we should accomplish first. As the media director, I was in charge of strategy and execution of work for: web, print, video, trade show booths, and our branded fleet vehicle.


Elite Brand Video 2015

I worked with the creative team on concept and creative direction for a new brand video by partnering our vendors with training programs to increase brand visibility.  




trade show booths

I worked with the product team and creative team to design a booth that had an authoritative presence that showcased key products for law enforcement organizations in the US, Europe, and Latin America.



  • Improved information architecture by chunking navigation into more sensible groups and by making CTAs more noticeable
  • Installed flippable web catalog to give older-generation customers a more familiar ordering experience
  • Increased functionality by implementing store locator
  • Reduced sign up friction by assigning better form fields
Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 14.18.44.png

Product catalog 2015

  • Worked with law enforcement agencies to set up photo shoots
  • Improved media resolution and photography quality to provide clarity and confidence in product.
  • Improved information architecture to increase readability and scan-ability
  • Designed a more dynamic layout to better showcase products


  • Provided creative direction for design team
  • Worked with show team to assess needed functionality of the vans